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With over 30 years of experience in the EAP industry, the staff at EAP EXpert can provide you with valuable insights when integrating our software into your business.




We’re committed to helping every client fully understand and utilize EAP Expert software. We offer comprehensive training programs that get teams up and running in days, not months. Whether you want to simply get a refresher, train new users, or explore certain areas of our software in more detail, EAP Expert training programs and resources can help you achieve your goals.


Process Review

We will work with your team to understand how they are currently using EAP Expert. Our goal is to provide you with an initial gap assessment outlining opportunities to be more productive in using EAP Experts products and services.

The output of these engagements is roadmap towards increased adoption, usage and efficiencies withinyour software.


Data Migration

At EAP Expert, we recognize that converting your legacy data from your old systems to your new EAP Expert software can be an arduous task. Our professional conversion management team can help you plan and complete a successful migration of your data. Our team will support you at any point in the process for the best and most accurate results possible.

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